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We are a family owned and operated business.

The domain of the Site belongs to VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA, which is responsible for its exploration and operation management.
The use of the Site by third parties implies, now, the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use (“TCU”) by its Users.

1. Access to the Site

VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA, as owner of the Site, may, at any time, prohibit its access to third parties, namely for the purposes of repair or maintenance. Additionally, VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA shall have the right to terminate it at any time if any circumstances occur, which, in its opinion, justify it.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA owns the copyright in all texts, drawings, images, graphics and other content that are available on the Site. Users are not allowed to reproduce, copy, change, sell or use these elements without obtaining in writing the necessary authorization from VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA.

3. Privacy and treatment of personal data

For the purposes of creating an account for Site Users, they will always be asked to provide an email contact and a password. It is up to the User to keep this data in a safe place and change it if there are signs of abuse of the account by unauthorized third parties. Likewise, if the data or personal information provided by the Users changes, it will be their responsibility to update those elements. Without prejudice, the privacy of the Users of the Site constitutes a special concern for VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA. Accordingly, we have approved a Privacy Policy which sets out the general principles applicable to the collection and processing of personal data, which we will strictly comply with.
Our Privacy Policy is complemented by our Cookie Policy.

4. Third party links

The Site provides, through hyperlink, access to third party websites. However, as such websites are not controlled or operated by VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA, the respective terms and conditions of use are not applicable to them. Accordingly, VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA is not responsible for the content or content of the terms and conditions of use of third party websites.

5. Changes to the TCUO

VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA reserves the right to make the necessary changes to these TCU. Whenever this happens, they will be published on the Site, so it is advisable that Users of the Site consult it regularly.

6. Suggestions and complaints

If Users have questions regarding these TCUs, they can use the following contact:

Product transactions carried out through the e-marketplace are subject to Portuguese law and are regulated by the following conditions:

Buy and sell

1. The Products are presented on the Website with a description that allows the Buyer to know the respective essential characteristics and their price;
2. The Buyer selects the Product (s) he intends to purchase;
3. The Buyer confirms his choice of Product (s) and acknowledges and accepts the present CGV by a click of validation;
4. The Buyer receives an email message confirming acceptance of his order. However, the purchase and sale agreement entered into between the Buyer and VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA is subject to the resolutive condition of the availability of the Product.
5. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA undertakes to confirm and / or to inform the availability of the product (s) ordered for at least 24 hours after receiving the information as provided for in no. 4) above.
6. If the same Product is the subject of an order by several Buyers at the same time, and depending on the availability of this Product, it will be sold to the first Buyer who registers and pays for his order. The order submitted by the remaining Buyers will be canceled;
7. Once the order has been validated or signed by VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA, a communication is sent to the Buyer (e-mail, SMS or other) to inform him of the shipment or cancellation of the order;
8. In the absence of confirmation of the availability of the Product (s) within the period provided for in point 5) above, the contract between the Buyer and VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA is automatically terminated and each Party is released from its obligations. obligations. However, only the contract for the sale of the unavailable Product (s) is covered by this resolution.
9. In case of confirmation of the availability of all or part of the Products ordered by the Buyer, said Products are shipped by VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA.

10. The Buyer must confirm:

1. Receipt of the product (s),
2. Conformity of the same (s) (product conformity is understood to correspond to what was ordered)
3. Product status (which corresponds to the description on the website at the time of purchase) in “My Account”. In the absence of confirmation, the Product is presumed to have been received in good condition within 21 (twenty one) days from the date of the respective shipment. This Clause is without prejudice to the provisions of Decree-Law no. 67/2003, of 08.04 with the changes introduced by Decree-Law no. 84/2008, of 21.05.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Price and Payment

1. The purchase price of the Product is determined by the Seller. The price is indicated in euros with all taxes and fees included in the description, but excluding delivery charges, which are added before the order is validated.
2. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA offers the option of paying by bank transfer or over the counter.

Shipping methods and expenses

1. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA will make available to the Buyer several delivery methods, to be defined according to the Products.
2. The modality, terms and shipping costs will be chosen by the Buyer at the time of purchase.
3. The General Conditions for the Provision of Distribution Services contracted by VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA for the purposes of sending will be available at all times on the website

Right of free withdrawal

1. Under the terms of the legislation in force, the Buyer has a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the ordered Product (s) to exercise, with VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA, its right of free resolution without payment of compensation and without the need to state the reason.
2. In case of exercising the right of free withdrawal within the aforementioned period, only the price of the Product (s) purchased and the shipping costs are refunded. Return expenses are borne by the Buyer.
3. The Product (s) must be returned in its original and complete condition (packaging, accessories, instruction manual, etc.) packaged in the same way as in shipping, within 30 (thirty) days of receipt.
4. The Buyer exercises its right of free resolution directly with VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA by email or by going personally to the store.
5. The refund of the returned products is made by VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA to the Buyer in the shortest possible time and within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of exercising the right of free withdrawal.

Obligations of the seller

1. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA undertakes to comply with the legislation to which it is subject in its professional capacity in relation to the Products it sells on the Website, including the legislation on the guarantee of consumer goods
2. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA undertakes to make every effort to best fulfill its obligations by providing a quality service to Buyers
3. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA undertakes and warrants that it will only sell Products that it owns or over which it has rights that allow it to sell them. VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA warrants that the Products do not violate either the legislation in force or the applicable rules, whether mandatory or not and that do not prejudice the rights of third parties, including intellectual, industrial and / or copyright. Accordingly, VADIO WINES UNIPESSOAL, LDA undertakes in particular not to sell any Product that constitutes a counterfeit work under the terms of the Copyright and Related Rights Code or any Product whose commercialization is regulated by legislative, regulatory or contractual provisions (namely due to the existence of a selective distribution network).

Competence to handle consumer disputes

1. In the event of a consumer dispute, defined in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, the consumer may resort to the competent alternative consumer dispute resolution entity.
2. Without prejudice to the provisions of legislation, statutes and regulations to which alternative consumer dispute resolution entities are linked, the consumer can opt for the European online dispute resolution platform available at https: // webgate., by the alternative dispute resolution entity in your place of residence or by the alternative resolution entity with specialized competence, if any for the sector in question. You can consult the updated list of all alternative consumer resolution entities available at
3. If there is no alternative dispute resolution entity (ies) under the terms of the previous number or the existing one (s) is not considered competent due to the value of the dispute, the consumer can use the National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts, located in Lisbon, with the electronic address: and available on the website

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